Thinking outside of the box is a lifestyle we live by. In this blog, Matt White will share his inspiration and thoughts behind what is known today as Flophouze. 

The Chemex Coffee System at Flophouze

How to make coffee with a Chemex

Ahhhh Coffee. Nature's gift to mankind. For many of us (including myself) it has become an essential part of our lives.  I take my coffee in the morning very seriously and have been known to even bring coffee on my travels with me just in case I happened to be staying in a non-coffee household...Do those even exist? Well, yes they do and I learned that the hard way, had to drive uncaffinated to the nearest store 20 miles away.

It. was. horrible.

So there you have it, I took it as a life lesson

However, If you are planing to stay with us you can leave the coffee behind. No really, you can.  We have you covered and not just covered, chances are we'll have the best coffee you've ever experienced at a hotel.

 About 15 years ago Matt White, owner of Flophouze and Recycling the Past, was given a Chemex and loved it. He wanted only the purest things for Flophouze, so when it came time to decide what kind of coffee maker to stock in the houzes, he went against the norm (as he usually does) and chose this system for its uniqueness, simplicity and bold flavor.  Next came the coffee. Matt and Hunter Hamilton of Hunter Beans Roasters met at a gathering through a mutual friend and renowned chef, Monica Pope. Matt was looking for a local coffee brand to partner with and Hunter was the perfect fit. 

To make this coffee, you have to transform into somewhat of a barista. There are a few steps to it, but rest assured, the outcome is most definitely worth it. Hunter was awesome enough to provide us with a video for our guests to give them a bit of a breakdown on how to make the best cup of coffee they've ever had. 

The Process


Step 1 - Get your Chemex ready

You should have boiling water, whole coffee beans, a grinder, the chemex and the the chemex filter ready to go. 

Step 2 - The Grind

This step is essential to get that amazing flavor. Grab your favorite whole bean coffee and a grinder, If you are staying with us, we sell hunter bean coffee by the bag or you can order it directly from hunter here. Take your whole beans and add them to your grinder. Hunter recommends setting your grinder between 6-8. 

Step 3 - The Pour

Once the coffee is ground, head on over to the chemex. Grab the special chemex filter and split it to where 3 folds are on one side and one fold is on the other. The side with 3 folds will go towards the spout on your pitcher. Next, put the grounds into the filter. Take your boiling water and slowly start pouring for about ten seconds, just enough to create the "bloom effect". Let this sit for about 30 seconds

Step 3 - Let it brew

Continue the process of pouring/soaking until the pitcher of water is emptied. Remember to be generous with your pouring but don't, in the words of hunter, "overwhelm your grounds". You want to make sure you distribute the water as evenly as possible, while avoiding the filter. 

Step 4 - Enjoy

See, nothing too extreme, just a simple system that gives you the best cup of hotel coffee you've ever had. For a more in depth explanation (in under 4 minutes) check out the video above.