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4 ways to use reclaimed blue glass around your home


Our shipping Container Hotel is fortunate enough to be located on the same property as Recycling the Past- a massive architectural salvage shop in Round Top, TX. This makes for a pretty awesome perk when staying with us. Throughout the property there are tons...and I mean TONS of these really cool blue glass pieces. Matt White and his RTP crew are loaded down with them- and also some pretty intriguing petrified tree trunks, but we'll save that post for another time.

I digress. 

So, I did a little asking around and found out these reclaimed vintage glass pieces ( also sometimes called "slag glass") were actually rescued from a large turn-of-the-century glass factory. Most everything on the property, including our Flophouzes, were at one point or another rescued and given new life in some sort of way - that's kind of our "thing" .

Speaking of new life. 

...what exactly can you do with this huge blue chunk of glass? I mean,'s pretty, but is that all it is?

Does it just sit there?

Why on earth would I buy this? 

It's literally a chunk of glass

I was curious so I obviously, like any modern day woman, went straight to Pintrest. There, I found some amazing things to do with these beautiful blue beauties-The last one definitely surprised me...never would've thought of that. 

1. art showcase

These things make amazing conversation pieces and can add a modern flare to basically any room. Recycling the Past sells these straight from their store and online with a really cool custom steel stand starting at $175 ( add 10% off if you are a guest at Flophouze )

Photo Courtesy of Recycling the Past

Photo Courtesy of Recycling the Past

2. fire pit

This vintage blue glass can also give you a pretty cool, smokeless fire pit. Good news: Recycling the Past also has these smaller pieces available for things like this as well.

3. garden decor

This is definitely another cool exterior feature this glass provides. Depth, dimension, and a pop of color to your garden.

4. retaining wall

BY FAR the BEST thing I have seen done with these things! How cool is this? 

Let's throw in some LED's shall we? 

 So much more than just a piece of glass

After looking through all these different ideas, i'm so inspired to do something, i'm sure you are too. How can you not be? So much imagination can come from one chunk of glass and luckily Recycling the Past has plenty for whatever project you desire. They also do quantity discounts as well so that is something to consider if you ever want to tackle number 4 on this list. 

Follow the bolded words to find out about pricing on these amazing Blue Vintage Glass Pieces


Till Next time!