FitOut- 45' Hollywood Model


So, you like the 45' Hollywood Model?

We offer a variety of different FIT-OUT options for this Model. Wether you are looking for a blank canvas with the bare necessities or you want it stocked with our beautiful reclaimed decor - we can make it happen. The thing that sets us apart from the rest is our amazing materials. With Flophouze, we like to keep the vibe eco-friendly by using beautiful and unique reclaimed materials throughout our Houzes- something you won't find anywhere else.

We are not a "box" store - nor do we ever plan to be, we like being different and offering our customers something that is not only beautiful and well built, but something that is truly unique and tells a story. The wood, windows, kitchen cabinets, countertops, shelves, doors and the containers we use for our Flophouzes, all hand picked by you, have lived a a different life before and will now be a part yours. 

Starting at $49,000

Perfect for the Do-it-yourself type. This option offers our customers a blank canvas to create their own unique haven, but with a Flophouze flair and of course, top of the line high end unique materials. We set the stage, the rest is yours to create as you wish. Click to learn more about what our 'Nekked' container can offer you.


Starting at $79,000

Fully equipped and ready to go, This 'turn key' container provides our guests the option to have something move in ready on the day of delivery. It's the 'Nekked' Container on steroids- arriving fully functional with the basic necessities. This is perfect for someone who is ready to make their Houze into a home, without having to do any of the heavy lifting. 


The Full Monty
Starting at $99,000

Essentially the bodacious twin sister of Flophouze. It comes fully customizable, fully equipped, fully furnished and decorated. Matt White, our owner and the mastermind behind Flophouze, will provide his own personal, touch and flair- using his exclusive access to decor he has accumulated on his travels from all over the world. 

Still not sure which FIT-OUT is right for you? 

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